10 Quick Blog Post Ideas That Engage Readers

10 quick blog post ideas

If 2015 were a football game, I suppose we'd be coming out of the locker room and getting ready to kick-off the second half. For many businesses, "content marketing" became further ingrained into their lexicon this year. It seems that everyone is talking about it. Today, I'm going to share an … [Read more...]

6 Common Website Mistakes – And How To Fix Them

Ashley Faulkes

Running a small business is no easy task. And keeping on top of all the latest and greatest web trends is definitely not on the top of your to-do list, I am sure. But there are a lot of mistakes that many small business owners make with their website that are costing them customers! These are … [Read more...]

Blogging For Business In 2 Simple Steps

You've probably heard that your small business can find new customers by blogging. So naturally, you're intrigued by this idea of "blogging for business." Who wouldn't want to gain a steady stream of new visitors and customers while spending very little money? The problem is, you really … [Read more...]

Long Tail Pro and the New Google Keyword Planner


As you are likely aware, Google has recently announced that they will phasing out the old Google Keyword Tool and moving to their new Keyword Planner Tool. How will this change affect Long Tail Pro?  This is exactly what I plan to cover in this post, along with some great updates that we've made … [Read more...]

What is Page Authority and Domain Authority?


A couple of the primary metrics that we use in Long Tail Pro is Page Authority and Domain Authority.  These are value provided and calculated by SEOmoz.org. However, if you are not familiar with what these values are; this is meant to be a quick tutorial. What is Page Authority? Long Tail Pro … [Read more...]

Long Tail Platinum Beta

The beta version of Long Tail "Platinum" is now available for all existing users to use! During the beta period all the upgraded features that are new to the platinum version are free to use. We have been working on these upgraded features for several months and so we want your feedback! But … [Read more...]

New Features of Long Tail Pro Version 1.3.0

We have made quite a few updates to the software over the past couple of weeks and added one huge time saving feature.  That feature is the ability to save your settings from campaign to campaign.  So, now rather than having to select your favorite settings like: exact match, check for .com, .net, … [Read more...]