10 Quick Blog Post Ideas That Engage Readers

If 2015 were a football game, I suppose we’d be coming out of the locker room and getting ready to kick-off the second half. For many businesses, “content marketing” became further ingrained into their lexicon this year. It seems that … Continued

Blogging For Business In 2 Simple Steps

You’ve probably heard that your small business can find new customers by blogging. So naturally, you’re intrigued by this idea of “blogging for business.” Who wouldn’t want to gain a steady stream of new visitors and customers while spending very little money? The … Continued

What is Page Authority and Domain Authority?

A couple of the primary metrics that we use in Long Tail Pro is Page Authority and Domain Authority.  These are value provided and calculated by However, if you are not familiar with what these values are; this is … Continued

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